Hi im, 

Inlove with moments and color. Remind me to give you back some B&W photos in there somewhere, or I'll forget. This stuff is my real love, the never-going-anywhere kind, and now I get all goosebumpy when I get to do this spirit capturing magic with others. My name is Taylor and it's really nice if you're seeing this. I live in Portland, OR but originally born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. The scenery is a little different, but both are very much home to me. This isn't my full-time gig. Which actually really helped me stay inlove with it. I still do it because I love to not because I have to, and it's made me really cherish it all over again. Thanks for saying "hi".

It's neat when photos have a way of connecting people. Say "Hi!" for real if you'd like to capture some moments together sometime! 

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